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HR Issues

STANTA Executive Director Job Description

Executive Director and Business Advisor Job Description Reporting to: St Albans Enterprise Agency Board              Start Date: January 2023 Salary: Competitive                                                       Hours: TBA – Variable as needed, currently 15 hours – potentially up to 30 hours in future    Company Description St Albans Enterprise Agency, known as STANTA (www.stanta.co.uk) is an independent Enterprise Agency, which has […]

Lone Workers: How to Prevent Hazards in the Workplace

Lone Workers: Pay special attention to the vulnerabilities and risks facing any lone worker(s) on the premises or elsewhere – A ‘lone worker’ is defined as any employee in a situation where physical assistance would not be immediately available, which actually covers more roles and scenarios than you might think: People travelling to meet clients […]

Five no-cost ways to motivate your employees

Here are five things a small-business owner can offer to motivate their employees, by Paul D Foster.   1 Flexibility The old school philosophy is you have to put in long hours because that’s what the boss had to do when he/she was young. Well, the world has changed. The next generation wants flexibility in their […]

When to use “Garden Leave”

One of the most frequent questions we are asked on our advice line is “How do I handle resignations?” Well, you have three options when an employee resigns (or is dismissed). The first is to make them work their notice. Often, if the move is amicable, this works well. They part on good terms and […]

Statutory Pay Rates. Do you know the facts?

STATUTORY PAY (next review April 2015) Maternity/Adoption pay – SMP/SAP is paid for 39 weeks. Pay rate for first 6 weeks of SMP: 90% of the employee’s average weekly earnings. SMP remaining weeks/SAP: £138.18 or 90% of average weekly earnings, whichever is less. Sick pay (SSP) – £87.55 per week provided employees meet criteria. REDUNDANCY […]

Shared parental leave – what you need to know

The idea was conceived, gestated in Parliament and will be born on 1 December. Shared parental leave will shake up parental rights, so you need to get your head around it. Let’s get you started.  What is shared parental leave? It’s the right of parents, but not the obligation, to split 52 weeks of parental leave between themselves – […]

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