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Lone Workers: How to Prevent Hazards in the Workplace

Lone Workers: Pay special attention to the vulnerabilities and risks facing any lone worker(s) on the premises or elsewhere

– A ‘lone worker’ is defined as any employee in a situation where physical assistance would not be immediately available, which actually covers more roles and scenarios than you might think:

  • People travelling to meet clients or customers
  • People working on remote sites or in locations inaccessible to the public
  • People working in confined spaces or behind physical barriers
  • People whose jobs involve house calls
  • People isolated in vehicles or private rooms
  • People delivering goods, especially cash or high cash value items

– Any lone worker is automatically in a more hazardous situation than non-lone workers, because:

  • there’s a much greater chance that they won’t see potential or incoming danger
  • if they’re injured, they may not be able to get to safety or raise an alarm
  • if they become ill or incapacitated, they may not have access to first-aid
  • they may not be able to contact anybody for advice in dangerous or stressful situations
  • they’re at much greater risk of suffering attack, violence, and verbal or physical threats in the course of their work
  • they’re at greater risk from equipment or vehicle damage and breakdown

– The best ways to keep lone workers safe are based on continual assessment and monitoring with the input of the employee in question. They will typically include:

  • a full potential hazard assessment
  • comprehensive and regularly refreshed training
  • frequent equipment checks
  • establishing secure premises where possible
  • agreed contact procedures
  • regular supervisor visits and inspections
  • automatic warning devices where appropriate
  • impressing upon the lone worker that they also have duties and responsibilities for their own wellbeing, and for contact/cooperation with other employees

For further details follow this link https://uk.rs-online.com/web/generalDisplay.html?id=i/preventing-hazards-in-the-workplace#a-2-2