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Management by Objectives

65. Douglas McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y for small business

McGregor published his book, The Human Side of Enterprise, back in 1960, and it has been influential ever since. He suggested 2 approaches to management. Theory X managers believe that employees do not like work and have to be managed … Continued

35. Peter Drucker in his own words interpreted for small business 7

“What is measured improves”. Peter Drucker built this into a manegment system – Management by Objectives – but of course people have always set objectives. One early business example of using the principles of ‘what is measured improves’ is Alfred P … Continued

27. Peter Drucker and Objectives for Small Business

Peter Drucker introduced the concept of Management by Objectives, which certainly from the 70’s onwards became universal in major companies. It is the concept that management is about balancing needs and goals with resources and setting relevant, measurable and achievable objectives. It … Continued