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Sponsors and business partners

STANTA Business Partners:

Certax Accounting

What Certax accounting can provide

  1. Accounting and tax advice to ensure you are HMRC compliant and help you keep more of your hard-earned money.
  2. Help to reduce your costs and grow your business, including help in creating business plans.
  3. Evaluation of business systems.
  4. A free market leading app to help with your financial data – including a mileage tracker to automate your mileage log and a receipt manager which means you will never lose a receipt again! Click the link below to download the app.


  1. We can also help you to find funding for your business, and, as part of our end to end service for you and your business, assist you in finding relevant contacts to help in any area of your business.

Find out more about how CERTAX Accounting can help your business at http://www.certaxstalbansdistrict.co.uk/

Contact us on 01582463484 or supportservices@certax.co.uk


Clydesdale Bank

We are grateful to STANTA sponsor Clydesdale Bank who sponsor our Business Planning workshops.

St Albans BusinessesSAB

St Albans Businesses (SAB) was created to bring businesses in St Albans together to support and help each other to run successful and profitable businesses in this amazing city. Whether you are a start-up or a large corporate, SAB enables businesses to collaborate, chat, and get to know each other so that they, in turn, become a salesforce for that business. It’s all about the know, like and trust aspect.

It’s just £10 per month to become a SAB member and take advantage of the platform that enables you to showcase your business and share your expertise.

Find out more about how SAB can help your business at www.stalbansbusinesses.co.uk/your-business