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…Your personalised and considered advice is much appreciated…

Client Video Testimonials

…Your personalised and considered advice is much appreciated…

…I just wanted to thank you again, for your time and encouragement. Your personalised and considered advice is much appreciated – I will be telling everybody about STANTA! I have lots to get on with now, but am feeling the direction is a little clearer – I’ll take a look at the links you’ve shared […]

STANTA has been invaluable…

STANTA has been invaluable in getting my business started.  The support I have received has literally meant the difference between starting and not starting a business!   Anne Richardson – Harpenden Pink Flamingo Speech and Launguage Therapy

…With never-ending support, they truly are a magnificent enterprise…

STANTA is a treasure trove for everything business. They helped me launch, prepare and grow It’s OK To Say. As the founder of a mental health charity, especially now navigating business growth post pandemic, they have helped me to be my best self in order to do my job. With never-ending support, they truly are […]

I think what STANTA offer is amazing and I look forward to signing up for some of your workshops in the near future.

Hi Mel, Thank you so much for your time yesterday and for the comprehensive write up. I found our conversation so valuable and insightful and our meeting not only helped me reflect on where my business is right now and how and where I can take it next, but has also injected some more enthusiasm […]

…with support from the STANTA team and Aarti’s authentic approach, I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved/created

After attending the STANTA course “Building a Successful Brand” delivered by Aarti Parmar, I knew I wanted to work with her. The Alchemy Academy was still a spark of an idea at that stage, and I felt a brand workshop would give us the firm base we needed on which to build our new workplace […]


I had alread considered the importance of networking for my trust based business but Mark introduced me to BNI which I hadn’t heard of before. I’ve since visited and joined so this is a big part of my week now.   Sam Mancey – Markyate Sam Mancey Coaching and Consulting

…Once again THANK YOU

Mark, Thank you very much for your time last week. I found it extremely helpful and informative, I have reviewed your notes and am sure that they will be a great source of reference for me to stay on track.   Once again THANK YOU.   Martine Frost – St Albans St Albans Aesthetics   […]

…I’m very grateful for your input and expertise….

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to me yesterday and writing up these notes so clearly and concisely. I’m very grateful for your input and expertise, it’s really insightful and has helped me to clear things up in my own brain – thank you. I’m going to spend some time over the weekend on […]

…As always you have a brilliant positive insightful approach to suggestions…

It was wonderful to chat with you again yesterday. As always you have a brilliant positive insightful approach to suggestions, ideas plus advice and guidance. Through talking to you it has given me some perspective on how to better approach clients in order to be clearer in my messaging for what I can offer. These attached […]

Thanks for this, incredibly helpful.

Testimonial about Bookkeeping workshop recording “I’ve just finished watching the recording and it was very useful thanks. It’s answered a few questions I had and gave some good scenarios so looks like I’ll be able to claim a few more costs which is great. Thanks for this, incredibly helpful. Henry Clear, Countrifi networks

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