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30. Peter Drucker in his own words interpreted for small business 2

” The best way to predict the future is to create it”. It sounds like a bit of a tall order for a small business. But small businesses are often the agents for change in a market. Small businesses will find … Continued

29. Peter Drucker in his own words interpreted for small business 1

“The purpose of business is to create a customer”. It sounds slightly strange, but I think it gets to the heart of the matter. Firstly it puts the focus firmly on the most important person in the business, the customer. … Continued

28. Implementing Drucker’s Management by Objectives

Setting objectives is a useful start to getting your business focused and firing on all cylinders; if you employ people, it will help their focus to be aligned with yours, and if you do not, it will help you avoid … Continued

27. Peter Drucker and Objectives for Small Business

Peter Drucker introduced the concept of Management by Objectives, which certainly from the 70’s onwards became universal in major companies. It is the concept that management is about balancing needs and goals with resources and setting relevant, measurable and achievable objectives. It … Continued

26. Peter Drucker key concepts for small business

In his 1954 book, The Practice of Management Drucker looked at management in a human environment rather than a mechanistic one as Frederick Winslow Taylor had a generation or so before. He posed three key questions which have become the … Continued

25. Peter Drucker – the gurus’ guru – but what about small business?

Peter Drucker is probably the most influential business guru of all time. Born in 1909, died in 2005, he published his first book, The Concept of the Corporation, in 1946 and his last, The Effective Executive in Action, in 2005 at … Continued

25. Dale Carnegie – tipster or visionary for your small business?

You can read Dale Carnegie and pick up some useful pointers – you can use them like a series of useful tricks of the trade, such as the appeal to noble motives, or the early question to which they must … Continued

24. Small businesses: getting them to change their mind without giving offence

Dale Carnegie has nine ways to achieve this, and as usual, they are simple and straightforward: but we still do not always follow this path: 1. Begin with praise and honest appreciation. The objective is to get them to work with … Continued

23. Dale Carnegie on Winning People to Your Way of Thinking

Dale Carnegie comes up with 12 ways of winning people to your point of view – again, nothing that should not be obvious, but how often do we hear people not following these guidelines, and how often do we not … Continued

22. Making Dale Carnegie’s precepts work for small business

Dale Carnegie’s six simple principles to make people like you: 1. be genuinely interested in them. 2. Smile! 3. Remember their names. 4. Listen well. 5. Reflect their interests. and 6. Make them feel important and do it sincerely. Simple but … Continued

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