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5 Ways to Create a Strong Brand Identity

Branding that’s instantly understood and immediately recognisable will help your company to succeed.  But what’s the secret of a strong brand identity? Here I’ll reveal five ways in which you can create a brand identity that really stands out in the market.

1.   Company name

This is one of the most important branding decisions you can make! A good company name is the cornerstone of a strong brand identity. It will need to be unique and ideally it will be easy to pronounce, spell and remember.  It can be tempting to go for a clever bit of word play or to spell your company name a little bit differently, but tread carefully as this can confuse consumers. What you want is an unforgettable, ‘sticky’ name that customers can associate with the services you provide.


There are some things to check before making the final decision, too:

  • Does your company name translate as anything rude or embarrassing in another language?
  • Is the domain name available?
  • Does it tie you down to a particular product or location that might change in the future?

2.   Logo

A strong brand identity requires a strong logo. This is the ultimate shorthand form of communication; sometimes just millimetres in diameter, your company logo will communicate the essence of your brand on packaging, stationery, billboards and websites. You’ll need a simple and unique logo design that scales well and portrays the nature of your company, while differentiating you from competitors.

3.   Fonts

Have you ever thought much about the fonts used by different companies and organisations? While it may not be a conscious thing, all brands send distinctive and discernible messages about their business type and persona through the fonts they employ. Some fonts are seen as warm and friendly, others straightforward and serious:

  • Times New Roman is a serious typeface that might be used to impart official information.
  • Comic Sans on the other hand is a playful font more suited to fun and frivolity.


Whatever official fonts you choose, don’t make them an afterthought. The right font is a core tool to express your brand’s personality, and will have a powerful effect on the way customers view your company.

4.   Slogans and taglines

A slogan or tagline can be used very effectively to add extra meaning to your company’s name and logo. Sometimes as succinct as two or three words, the strongest slogans convey the essence of your company’s mission and work hard to build brand awareness. Although slogans work slowly, taking a while to sink into your customers’ consciousness, they are effective and their hold is long lasting. A good slogan should be memorable, conceptual, and state a mission.

5.   Themes and colours

The colour palette used to convey your company image is a powerful form of communication. The themes you use will reinforce your brand personality, so it’s important to know what you stand for before choosing your company colours. So much more than pretty packaging, your colour themes will emphasise and underlie the very essence of your brand.

For more insights into creating a strong brand identity, I’m here to help. Contact me on 07557768107 or email ap@aartiparmar.com for advice on branding that will really work for you.


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