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5 Reasons to Enter the Best Business Women Awards

If you’re a talented and dedicated female entrepreneur, it’s time your achievements were celebrated! And there are few better ways to show everyone just what a successful business you have built up than being a finalist or a recipient of an industry award.  Here are 5 reasons to enter the Best Business Women Awards and gain the recognition you deserve.

1.   Free publicity

What successful entrepreneur turns their nose up at a freebie? By entering industry awards in your field, you get to publicise your business to a wider audience, and every finalist in the Best Business Women Awards gets lots of publicity including:

  • a press release promoting their business, circulated to relevant industry media
  • shout-outs on the Best Business Women Awards’ social media pages
  • the right to use the award logo on their own publicity.

2.   Lead by exampleawards for business women winners

Awards for women in business are a special kind of accolade. They acknowledge the efforts you’ve made to break the glass ceiling and can encourage younger women to follow in your footsteps. By putting yourself out there and entering these inspirational awards, you can act as an example to the next generation of female entrepreneurs. These are great reasons to enter the Best Business Women Awards in addition to any other industry awards you might take an interest in.

3.   Motivate your team and attract new talent

Sometimes it seems as though success breeds success, and in the case of industry awards, that’s often the case. Once you’re recognised as a big name in your field, you’ll attract high-calibre candidates who want to be part of your story. And of course you’ll also provide a big boost to your existing team. These are the people who have helped you to get where you are today, and as well as recognising your own success, being shortlisted for an award will help to motivate and give credit to your best and most loyal workers.

4.   Networking opportunities

Being up for an award can help you to meet people you wouldn’t otherwise encounter. These could be fellow business women from all walks of life, including some of your competitors! There will also be a chance to chat to event sponsors and other business bigwigs. Whoever you get chatting to at an awards ceremony, there’s always something you can learn from them, and you may even be able to generate new clients or work together for mutual gain. Winners of the Best Business Women Awards also get additional chances to network at a Winners’ Drinks in November, and a networking event in the spring.

5.   Showcase your achievements

By being deemed one of the main players in your field by a panel of business bigshots, your business will gain extra credibility and acclaim that can’t help but work to make you even more successful. If you’re looking for reasons to enter the Best Business Women Awards, that’s got to be a big motivator.

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How to enter

The Best Business Women Awards are now open for entry UK wide. You can enter online and the closing date is 31 July 2018.


There are 17 categories in the Best Business Women Awards, covering a range of different business types and sectors. You can enter a maximum of 3.


For more information, check the Best Business Women Awards website.


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