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41. Tom Peters searching for small business excellence in tough times No 3

Tom Peters’ and Robert Waterman’s second precept for successful US businesses was: Stay Close to the Customer. Rocket-science it definitely is not, but it is very important and quite easy for large businesses to lose sight of, as Peters well knew. In large and mid-size businesses sometimes the senior executives insulate themselves from the customer. […]

40. Tom Peters searching for small business excellence in tough times No 2

Peters & Waterman’s first theme which characterised successful businesses from their study of 43 ‘successful’ US businesses was: A bias for action. What they meant by this was that they were companies that did not generally feel the need to spend years studying any development and months contemplating any action. They tended to get on with it, and […]

36. Peter Drucker in his own words interpreted for small business part 8

“What is our business? Who are our customers? What do they value? These are Drucker’s three classic questions and they reduce to very simple non-academic terms what is often turned into a highly theoretical strategic debate. These questions reduce that debate to the essential simplicities – for business is basically simple although it is often […]

16. Long Tail Lessons for Small Business

Summing up all the ideas in ‘The Long Tail’ by Chris Anderson into a series of do’s and don’ts for small business is pretty straightforward as he concludes the book with 9 Long Tail rules for web-based businesses (and some of these rules are also relevant for non-web-based businesses that use the web in some way). But […]

15. The economics of Anderson’s Long Tail for small business

Anderson puts very well, I think, the nature of the Long Tail when he says: “In the tyranny of physical space an audience too thinly spread is the same as no audience at all” and then goes on to show how the web has changed all this. The new economics is that demand keeps on […]

14. Gladwell’s Tipping Point meets Anderson’s Long Tail for small business

Chris Anderson’s ‘Long Tail’ concept works with Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘Tipping Point’ to create results beyond expectation. Down in the Long Tail the niche opportunities exist, and every so often a success emerges – I have mentioned before Heather Gorringe’s WigglyWigglers.co.uk for instance. And here is where the Tipping Point concept comes in. From a remote rural worm-farming business […]

1. The Apprentice Hullaballoo

This blog was written after the end of a series of the TV show: The Apprentice, and it started me thinking about the relevance of large business experience to small business, and started a series of blogs that provide a round-up of classic business thinking but applied to small business. So everyone has had their say on […]

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