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2. So what has Seth to say to small business?

Seth Godin’s ‘Permission Marketing’ still focuses on what most small business would call large companies, but sings the praises of the flexibility of small business. I guess of the gurus he probably stands out as the one who is putting the labels on the marketing world in the post internet age. Whether he is truly an original thinker is open to debate – a lot of what he trumpets as unique in ‘The Purple Cow’ is a rehash of established thinking – the Unique Selling Proposition has been around for years and even if you call it a Purple Cow it is still a USP. (He also criticises advertising content over real product substance – but what is the ‘Purple Cow’ other than an advertising gimmick?).

But there is no doubt he defines the way the marketing paradigm has changed from mass marketing and ‘push’ strategies to identifying your community – the ideal customer/audience – and building a relationship with them which creates a scenario where they invite your interest in them. And this favours small businesses, and to some extent helps level the playing field.

It has certainly helped many small companies get a global presence – have any of you seen the Google advertising featuring the success story of Wiggly Wigglers? A great example of how the presence of the internet – and its intelligent use – has made a tiny company globally visible.

A bit more on Seth in the next post.

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