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Show off your best assets with Google’s Trusted Photography!

You will probably be familiar with Google Street View, the Google Maps feature that enables you to delve deeper into the 2D map and feel as if you’re walking down a street. You’ve probably even used it to see what your own house looks like on there – I know I have!

Did you know you can now use Google Maps to take a peek inside buildings and sites of interest, such as Stonehenge, and even St Albans’ Verulamium Museum? Have a look. It really is interesting.

Google’s Trusted Photography

While the famous Google Street View cars and bicycles capture the imagery for the accessible public streets, the images captured elsewhere for Google 360 virtual tours need be taken by someone approved by Google’s Trusted Photography, who have all the necessary equipment for 360 photography, and authority to upload imagery to Google Maps. If you want to get more exposure for your business by providing a Google 360 virtual tour, your first step would be to contact one of Google’s Trusted Photographers, such as local company such as Striking Places.

Google 360 virtual tours

There are many benefits to providing a Google 360 virtual tour which can be accessed through Google Maps and Street View. A Google virtual tour is a fantastic marketing exercise and can really help customers gain an insight into your business. This recent tour created for a local florist will show you how.

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Through Google tours you can show customers around your business from the comfort of their armchairs. It can help customers get a better feel for you and your shop or restaurant for example, and show them what you do. You can showcase certain products too. This is a huge benefit as it can attract more customers to your store, many of which may well have made their mind up to buy from you before they’ve even physically arrived at your premises.

Google Tours are a great idea not only for shops and restaurants, but also hotels, play centres, cinemas, leisure centres, and more. If your business has a physical presence, it can be captured and found on Google, the world’s biggest search engine. If a customer has a choice of places to which they could give their custom, and one of those places has allowed them a sneak preview into what they can offer, which place will the customer choose? While there’s no guarantee a Google virtual tour will appeal to each and every customer out there, having a Google tour gives you that important edge.

There is lots of information on Google about what Google Street View is all about and how you can go about getting your business a bigger profile using Street View and 360 virtual tours. Go to Google Street View to learn more.

For now, Google 360 virtual tours for business are relatively novel, with the most marketing-savvy businesses taking advantage of this tool while it’s hot. As was once the case for company websites, it may be that all businesses will one day have a Google virtual tour but for now, their relative novelty will give an advantage to those who jump on board early. What marketing value could you get from being the first business of your kind to have a 360 virtual tour on Google, or the first in your area?

If you can see how a virtual tour could benefit your business, then start with finding a Google Trusted Photography supplier, and see where Google Maps can take you.

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