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What prospects really want to know before they buy from you!

I’m Jo Bayne of Oyster Studios Ltd and having worked as a retail buyer and in B2B sales it occurs to me that a key driver to unlocking that big sale is to truly understand exactly “What prospects really want to know before they buy from you!”

There is no shortage of business books with their take on how to close a sale or new marketing methods to drive customer acquisition. But the reality is business development is not really rocket science. Fundamentally whatever the product or service on sale, as a prospect travels through the purchasing decision process they are looking to understand your offer and how it compares with the market. Be it sales or marketing we all have a part to play in effectively communication our proposition across all relevant channels.

The secret to success comes from convincing your prospect you can deliver a credible solution with good service at the right price.

How long have you been trading? Do you come recommended? What is the company infrastructure and capacity? What is your turnover, sales history, market share?

What is the company culture/customer service proposition? What are you like to work with? People buy from people they like and trust. What quality assurance and after sales solutions are in place?

Value for Money:
How does the offer compare with the competition in quality and pricing? What are the costs involved and related features and benefits of the product or service on sale? What are the terms and conditions of trade and payment terms?

What strikes me is that taking everything right back to basics helps you more effectively answer, “What prospects want to know before they buy from you!” and as a result the more successful you will be.

So the moral of the story is don’t get over-whelmed by marketing buzz words or selling manuals – use the resources, expertise and channels available to you to make sure your customers have all their questions answered!

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