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Marketing Tips for Business during Lockdown

Your business will be judged by how you handle yourself, so remain professional and ensure your posts reflect your brand values.
Maintain a clear marketing strategy
(In the 1930’s recession, it was proven that those businesses that continued to market themselves, grew quicker when it ended)

Adapt to suit the current market (ie restaurants doing takeaways, can you sell your products or services on line?)

Have a plan and write it down:

  • Situation analysis – where are we now, what are our brand values
  • Objectives – where do we want to be
  • Strategy – how do we get there
  • Tactic – how exactly do we get there
  • Actions – what is our action plan
  • Control – measure the results
Have a clear message (and be tactful – pictures of your team meeting or a shop front are not appropriate currently)

Use social media effectively by choosing the right channel :

  • Facebook (no hashtags) is good for attracting new customers (consider paid advertising)
  • Instagram (use about 11 hashtags) – is good for building a brand affinity with existing customers
  • Twitter (2 hashtags) – for engaging the press and influencers
  • LinkedIn (3-5 hashtags) – to engage employers or employees
Use the time effectively
  • research (your competitors)
  • send a questionnaire to your customers asking them to tell you what they’d like from you
  • build contacts

April 2020

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