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How WordPress changed the Internet

On the outside, each website we visit on the internet looks different. Sure, they all share some similarities, but each one is unique. However, underneath it all, most of the websites we use on a daily basis have one thing in common: WordPress.

If you’re not a blogger or web developer, it’s quite possible you’ve never heard of WordPress but if you use the internet, you’ve certainly interacted with WordPress in one way or another. This is because WordPress is by far the most popular platform for building and managing websites in the world (https://kinsta.com/wordpress-market-share/). It’s versatile, easy-to-use, and, perhaps most importantly, completely free. As a result, bloggers, companies, schools, and governments all around the world rely on it to power their online presence.

It should come as no surprise, then, that WordPress has had a powerful impact on the internet, it has made it easier for people to build websites, and these websites have made it easier for people to build companies, publish writing, and connect with others. To see just how much of an impact WordPress has had on the internet, Broadband Research have compiled 17 of the most interesting facts about the platform.


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