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Starting out as a Sole Trader or Limited Company?

In today’s ever-changing economic climate, the numbers of people becoming self-employed are on the increase. For some it is because they are attracted to the freedom and choice that being one’s own boss brings, whereas for others, finding long-term employment … Continued

What does it take to cut a 30th birthday cake?

The answer, in the case of STANTA is an MP and two Mayors! Last month at OAs Sports Club, St Albans MP Anne Main joined St Albans City and District Mayor, Annie Brewster and new Harpenden Mayor, Mary Maynard to … Continued

What everyone should know about CRM

Author, Nadia Finer is the founder of smartli.co– helping start-ups and small businesses work smarter.  A CRM is a useful tool which enables small businesses to organize and cultivate their customer relationships. It’s usually a cloud based system which retains … Continued

Fulfilment tips for your Ecommerce Start Up

Logistics is one of the most vitally important stages in a customer’s journey and for many start-up businesses it is the bane of their lives. Companies need to have a process for dealing with their order fulfilment and must be … Continued

Staff Training Ideas for Small Businesses

For a small business in particular, people can be its biggest asset. When the body of staff is small, the individuals within that body each make a significant impact on your business’s image, productivity, and profits. Keeping your best assets … Continued

Office Options for your Start-Up Business

When you start a new business, you will most likely need some sort of office space. While the type of business you run will determine the amount of space you will need, sooner or later you will need somewhere to … Continued

Building Customer Loyalty Online

Customer loyalty has always been a key component of marketing a business, but for internet businesses this can pose an extra challenge. With so many companies vying for custom and consumers having an abundance of choice offered by the internet, … Continued

Building and preserving a good Social Media reputation

Your business reputation is critical to gaining and retaining customers. We all know that customer satisfaction is key to achieving this, but so to is customer perception, and in today’s world, how you are seen on social media says a … Continued

Grow your Brand with killer Social Media

We all know the importance of social media to your business, but when was the last time you really thought about how you use it ? This article from PA Business Support will give you 5 hot tips on optimising … Continued

Expanding internationally?

Looking to grow your business internationally? Ensuring your website is as effective internationally as it is locally will improve your chances of success. For 5 tips for taking your website international this article from  FL1 Digital guides you through the things you should … Continued

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