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Statutory Pay Rates. Do you know the facts?

STATUTORY PAY (next review April 2015) Maternity/Adoption pay – SMP/SAP is paid for 39 weeks. Pay rate for first 6 weeks of SMP: 90% of the employee’s average weekly earnings. SMP remaining weeks/SAP: £138.18 or 90% of average weekly earnings, … Continued

Shared parental leave – what you need to know

The idea was conceived, gestated in Parliament and will be born on 1 December. Shared parental leave will shake up parental rights, so you need to get your head around it. Let’s get you started.  What is shared parental leave? It’s the … Continued

Looking to grow your business? Some tips for safe business expansion

As your start-up business develops, your thoughts may turn to expansion. This can be a scary prospect. It will mean your business enlarging, spreading its wings further afield, and venturing into new markets. It will almost certainly mean you can’t … Continued

Want to be a Mumpreneur? What you need to know

Mumpreneur, Mum in Business, or just plain old Business Woman. Whatever you want to be known as, if you’re a woman (or man) who runs their own business and happens to be a mother (or a father) too, then you’re … Continued

Feeling jaded by your business? How to get your spark back

In the beginning, setting up and running your own business is exciting, overwhelming, and like starting out on an adventure. When you have seemingly endless enthusiasm for your pet project, it can be tough when you eventually hit the wall. … Continued

How to develop Marketing Campaigns to drive Brand Awareness & Sales.

Lead generation is a pivotal part of any business strategy and a successful marketing campaign requires careful planning and execution. The reality is that there is no “one size fits all” sure-fire formulae to create a successful integrated campaign. Have … Continued

Would I benefit by engaging a Marketing Agency ?

Outsourcing your design and marketing will help bring fresh ideas and expertise, whilst allowing you to focus on your core business.  From helping a start up with developing a brand and writing a marketing plan to delivering cross channel marketing … Continued

Our Top Tips for setting up a Web Development Business

Web development is a rapidly growing industry, and the demand for web developers is increasing all the time. For this reason more people are deciding to enter the web development job market, whether as graduates or through retraining for the … Continued

Can online video marketing help you?

Video marketing, literally, is one to watch. Video is rapidly becoming the medium of choice and the major focus of digital marketing strategies for companies across the globe. It’s estimated that over 60% of companies have already planned for video … Continued

What you need to know about business contracts

Even if you don’t think your business uses or needs contracts to trade, then there is something very important you need at least to know – a contract exists where any trading takes place, whether there is something on paper … Continued

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