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14. Gladwell’s Tipping Point meets Anderson’s Long Tail for small business

Chris Anderson’s ‘Long Tail’ concept works with Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘Tipping Point’ to create results beyond expectation. Down in the Long Tail the niche opportunities exist, and every so often a success emerges – I have mentioned before Heather Gorringe’s WigglyWigglers.co.uk for instance. And here is where the Tipping Point concept comes in. From a remote rural worm-farming business […]

13. More ‘Long Tail’ thoughts for small businesses

Much of the ‘Long Tail’ concept as Chris Anderson describes it is due to a process of democratisation driven by the web. Just as the democratisation of the ‘tools of production’ – the ready availability of PCs, digital cameras etc – has enabled users to create their own content, so the democratisation of the tools of distribution with the internet […]

12. How do potential clients in ‘The Long Tail’ find a small business?

Some argue that, despite ‘the long tail’ that has been uncovered by the development of the web (the many minor niches that suddenly can attract a supplier to the niche because they can now find a large enough audience to make it sustainable), the market is getting ever more focused on the ‘big hits’ and blockbusters. […]

11. Small business and exploiting ‘The Long Tail’ on the web

Chris Anderson – along with Seth Godin and Malcolm Gladwell – has been among the most influential writers about how new media are creating new dynamics. As Godin looks at the nature of marketing and the change to ‘Permission Marketing’ and Gladwell looked at the dynamics of getting and exploiting a following on the web, […]

10. The Tipping Point for Small Business

Previous blogs have explored some of Malcolm Gladwell’s ideas. What can a small business learn from Gladwell?   Focus on identifying the Connectors (the people who know everyone and are pro-active referrers), the Mavens (the experts, the people who are used as the reference point by others in any particular context) and Salesmen (the convincers) […]

9. What’s going on around you?

The Power of Context is the third of Gladwells three key factors. He illustrates this by a ‘Good Samaritan’ experiment which was undertaken at a US campus with theological students. This showed that whatever the personal attitudes of the subjects and how caring they were, the propensity to help someone was driven mostly by whether […]

8. How Sticky is Your message?

Malcolm Gladwell in ‘The Tipping Point’ talks about the ‘Stickiness’ Factor.  ‘Stickiness’ of a message can result from small adjustments. In direct marketing it has been shown that a few changes in wording can change response rates by 25%. Gladwell uses as an example an experiment on a university campus. The project was to advertise […]

7. Gladwell’s Law of the Few

  Who are the few who make the difference? Amongst the Few, Gladwell identifies Connectors – people with a special gift for bringing the world together – Mavens – experts, information-spreaders and campaigners – and Salesmen – the persuaders who argue the case to others. As an example Gladwell uses Paul Revere’s midnight ride from […]

6. The Tipping Point: How Little Things can make a big difference

  Malcolm Gladwell’s 2000 book links naturally with Seth Godin’s ideasvirus. It was described by the Daily Telegraph as “a wonderfully offbeat study of that little-understood phenomenon, the social epidemic”. He uses as examples Baltimore’s problem with syphilis, the Ride of Paul Revere that sparked the American War of Independence, New York’s success in reducing […]

5. And finally Seth Godin’s ‘Unleashing the Ideasvirus’

Godin published this book in 2001 – effectively a model for building a customer base in the world of new media opportunities. Word-of-mouth has always been important and been able to create rapid growth of awareness, but in the internet age this can be exponential. If the idea is right it will be taken up […]

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