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Can online video marketing help you?

Video marketing, literally, is one to watch. Video is rapidly becoming the medium of choice and the major focus of digital marketing strategies for companies across the globe. It’s estimated that over 60% of companies have already planned for video marketing to dominate their promotional activity over the next few years. So whether you are a small, medium or large business, it’s vital to stay ahead of your competition and find out how online video marketing could work for you.

Engage your customers

Social media has revolutionised the way that businesses can talk to their customers. Suddenly there’s the opportunity to create up-to-the-minute, dynamic and engaging content, offer behind the scenes and quirky updates and post photographs. But online video marketing takes this one step further. Here’s an opportunity to speak directly to your target audience and articulate your key messages and USPs in a personalised way that will create instant trust and engagement. Engaged customers, in turn, will share your video and your brand and will spend longer exploring your website.

In our fast-paced, non-stop commercial world, your customers won’t have time to read lengthy web pages waxing lyrical about what makes your business special. According to Forrester research, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. That’s the kind of fast, effective impact you need to keep your potential customers interested.

Potential reach

No other marketing tool can touch video when you consider potential reach. No other form of content has the potential to go viral as quickly as online video marketing. Just look at the phenomenal success of YouTube, with audiences of over one billion each month. It’s estimated that 100 million web users watch online videos every day. So if you want to extend your potential reach and engage new customers, then video marketing is a medium that you simply can’t afford not to consider.

Solutions for smaller businesses

Online marketing isn’t just for big businesses with matching budgets. You can hire simple video equipment, use online video software or try apps such as Twitter’s Vine for short video clips. Or research local videographers who will be able to offer specialist skills and experience to make sure that the finished product looks professional. If you consider the potential return, online video marketing can offer an excellent return on your investment.

Online video marketing looks set to dominate the world of digital marketing. No other marketing tool can engage your customers and promote and personalise your brand in the same way. If you’re already established with social media then you can share your videos across multiple channels and encourage your customers to share with their networks too. Using videos as your key marketing tool will transform your content marketing and will take you to the next level in customer engagement. With all this in mind, the only question left to ask is – what are you waiting for?