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5 Reasons to Enter the Best Business Women Awards

If you’re a talented and dedicated female entrepreneur, it’s time your achievements were celebrated! And there are few better ways to show everyone just what a successful business you have built up than being a finalist or a recipient of an industry award.  Here are 5 reasons to enter the Best Business Women Awards and […]

5 Ways to Create a Strong Brand Identity

Branding that’s instantly understood and immediately recognisable will help your company to succeed.  But what’s the secret of a strong brand identity? Here I’ll reveal five ways in which you can create a brand identity that really stands out in the market.

What experiential marketing is and how it can help your business

Whatever size your business, exploring new ways to reach and engage with your audience is a vital part of growth and marketing strategy. Whilst traditional approaches to marketing offer easier to track metrics and a much clearer way to analyse return on investment, the high level of competition and saturation online and in media advertising […]

The importance of events as a marketing tool

If you want to build connections and drive brand engagement (and let’s face it, what small business doesn’t?), there are a variety of ways to reach out to others and achieve your goals, especially in this age of social media and smartphones. But while the online world has become a valuable addition to the marketer’s […]

Show off your best assets with Google’s Trusted Photography!

You will probably be familiar with Google Street View, the Google Maps feature that enables you to delve deeper into the 2D map and feel as if you’re walking down a street. You’ve probably even used it to see what your own house looks like on there – I know I have! Did you know […]

The A-Z of Fulfilment for your Ecommerce

When upscaling your business, you may decide to outsource particular operations in order to make time to concentrate on areas of the business that can be done by only you. A popular operation to outsource is fulfilment. Fulfilment houses can run the entire logistical side of your enterprise, storing your products for you, receiving orders […]

Becoming a Limited Company – What you need to know

Whether you’re a new business or have already been operating as a sole trader or partnership for a while, there may come a time when you want to set up a limited company. There can be several motivators for this, but the primary one is the legal and financial protection that limited company status brings: […]

Protecting your business from the unexpected

Have you ever thought about how your business would fare if disaster struck? What would happen if you had to unexpectedly take time off, if a major supplier stopped trading, or you were hit by a power failure? If you haven’t thought about business continuity before now then you should. If your family rely on […]

Looking to grow your business? Some tips for safe business expansion

As your start-up business develops, your thoughts may turn to expansion. This can be a scary prospect. It will mean your business enlarging, spreading its wings further afield, and venturing into new markets. It will almost certainly mean you can’t do everything all on your own, and you will need to get familiar with more […]

Want to be a Mumpreneur? What you need to know

Mumpreneur, Mum in Business, or just plain old Business Woman. Whatever you want to be known as, if you’re a woman (or man) who runs their own business and happens to be a mother (or a father) too, then you’re not alone. Thousands of parents in our local Hertfordshire area alone have turned to self-employment […]

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