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02 March 2018

Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and YouTube Seminar

Location: Stanta Business Center, Soothouse Spring, St Albans, United Kingdom

Time: 09.30am to 12.30pm

This workshop is aimed at businesses who wish to learn how to use Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Snapchat and YouTube to grow a business.  (Facebook and Instagram are covered on a separate Workshop.)


Please bring a laptop and your social media log-ins. 



  • Building a targeted follower base: How to strategically grow a loyal group of active, engaged followers
  • Tweet scheduling: Priority times to tweet to maximise engagement
  • Effective engagement: Inspiring people to Retweet
  • Tools and techniques: The various free Twitter tools available


  • Why this platform is growing so quickly
  • Why did Facebook want to buy it?
  • What are Snapchat stories?
  • How can you use it to reach influencers
  • Why is great for events, campaigning and time-critical news
  • As it is smart phone app based, how do I use it in my business?


  • Personal profiles: Maximising your profile; importance of keywords
  • Company pages: Maximising the effectiveness of your LinkedIn Page
  • Research opportunities: Find the right type of target for your business
  • LinkedIn groups: Establishing a successful, engaged community
  • LinkedIn InMail: Using LinkedIn’s paid messages to people outside your network
  • LinkedIn advertising: Review of the paid-for advertising options available
  • Sponsored content: Using this tool to raise your professional profile and cost-effectively reach new audiences




  • Branded channels: Creating and customising your YouTube Channel
  • Video production: How to creatively produce your own online video content
  • Organic promotion: Hands-on tips for driving views across the web
  • Pay-per-view: Overview of paid opportunities on YouTube
  • Managing comments: How to prioritise managing comments and dealing with negative posts
  • YouTube insight tool: Detailed overview of YouTube’s analytics and reporting tool


Cost:  £50

No cost if you are already part of the Herts Start Up (HSUP)*  programme (via STANTA, Wenta or Dacorum)

*You can join HSUP, if you have a Hertfordshire postcode and your micro business is under 3½ years old – call 01727 837760 to register before booking the course.





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