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28 April 2017

Advanced Social Media 1: The Established Platforms – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube

Location: Stanta Business Center, Soothouse Spring, St Albans, United Kingdom

Time: 10am - 12.30pm


This workshop is aimed at businesses who have been using Social Media for some time but who are ready to start using more advanced strategies and tactics to improve their results. It is not suitable for those not yet using Social Media.  Please see our Introduction to Social Media workshop if that is the case.

Please bring a laptop and your social media log-ins. 

In it the focus is on using the different platforms for building your business and harnessing the power of engagement with a much wider audience. The workshop can be taken in sequence (with Part 2 afterwards) or as a standalone workshop.


  • Planning: Developing a successful social strategy for your brand or client
  • Integration: How to effectively integrate social activity into your current marketing


  • How to focus your time across social platforms that best fit your business objectives
  • Content calendar: How to build a working content plan to boost efficiency and drive results
  • Post frequency: Best practice for planning the number of posts per day and when to post
  • Post scheduling: Priority times to post to maximise engagement


  • Community engagement: How to best engage with your community and manage negative comments
  • Community growth: Techniques for organically growing a targeted community
  • Paid boost: Use of paid advertising options to boost your community growth
  • Offline-to-online: Integrating offline and offline


  • Platform specific: Overview of free proprietary analytics tools available on all social platforms
  • Measurement tools: Advice on the free tools available online for tracking social activity
  • Metrics for success: Tried-and-tested metrics for measuring performance
  • Using multi-platform tools to manage social media activity


  • Building a targeted follower base: How to strategically grow a loyal group of active, engaged followers
  • Tweet scheduling: Priority times to tweet to maximise engagement
  • Effective engagement: Inspiring people to Retweet
  • Tools and techniques: The various free Twitter tools available


  • Maximising the effectiveness of your Page: Increasing the number of ‘Likes’; turning ‘Likes’ into customers
  • Driving traffic: Proven techniques for growing a targeted audience
  • Facebook tools: Latest technologies to better manage your Facebook activity
  • Advertising: how to target ads by location, keyword, connection, demographic etc
  • Sponsored Stories: Boost visibility of community interactions to drive page ‘Likes’
  • Promoted Posts: Ensure your priority posts reach the largest possible audience
  • Facebook offers: Best practice to drive user sign-ups


  • Personal profiles: Maximising your profile; importance of keywords
  • Company pages: Maximising the effectiveness of your LinkedIn Page
  • Research opportunities: Find the right type of target for your business
  • LinkedIn groups: Establishing a successful, engaged community
  • LinkedIn InMail: Using LinkedIn’s paid messages to people outside your network
  • LinkedIn advertising: Review of the paid-for advertising options available
  • Sponsored content: Using this tool to raise your professional profile and cost-effectively reach new audiences



  • Branded channels: Creating and customising your YouTube Channel
  • Video production: How to creatively produce your own online video content
  • Organic promotion: Hands-on tips for driving views across the web
  • Pay-per-view: Overview of paid opportunities on YouTube
  • Managing comments: How to prioritise managing comments and dealing with negative posts
  • YouTube insight tool: Detailed overview of YouTube’s analytics and reporting tool


Cost :  £45

Cost:  Free for Herts Start Up Programme clients (businesses up to 3½ years old who live or work in Hertfordshire) who commit to 12 hours of FREE business advice and training.  To sign up for the programme, ring Ginny on 01727 837760      ERDF Logo