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11 May 2017

Advanced Social Media Part 2: Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat

Location: Stanta Business Center, Soothouse Spring, St Albans, United Kingdom

Time: 10am - 12.30pm

This workshop is aimed at businesses who have been using Social Media for some time but who are ready to start using more advanced strategies and tactics to improve their results.  It is not suitable for those not yet using social media. Please see our Introduction to Social Media workshop if that is the case.


Please bring a laptop and your social media log-ins. 


In it the focus is on using the different platforms for building your business and harnessing the power of engagement with a much wider audience.  The workshop can be taken in sequence (with Part 1 afterwards) or as a standalone workshop.



  • Why: These new platforms are important
  • New trends e.g. social selling, new platforms and tools
  • Planning: Developing a successful social strategy for your brand or client
  • Integration: How to effectively integrate social activity into your current marketing



  • How to focus your time across social platforms that best fit your business objectives
  • Content calendar: How to build a working content plan to boost efficiency and drive results
  • Post frequency: Best practice for planning the number of posts per day and when to post
  • Post scheduling: Priority times to post to maximise engagement


  • Community engagement: How to best engage with your community and manage negative comments
  • Community growth: Techniques for organically growing a targeted community e.g. competitions
  • Paid boost: Use of paid advertising options to boost your community growth
  • Offline-to-online: Integrating offline and offline



  • Platform specific: Overview of free proprietary analytics tools available on all social platforms
  • Measurement tools: Advice on the free tools available online for tracking social activity
  • Metrics for success: Tried-and-tested metrics for measuring performance



  • Why this platform is so important
  • Link with Facebook
  • New features e.g. booking
  • Community growth: How to grow a targeted follower base
  • Format fundamentals: Best practice use of photo filters and platform features
  • Brand tagging: Using Instagram’s new feature allowing users to tag brands in photos


  • Business accounts: Full overview of functionality available to businesses
  • Boosted pins: Maximising the use of this feature
  • Coupons and sales offers: Creating visually alluring coupons for Pinterest promotion
  • Pinterest competitions: Drive engagement levels with Pinterest contests
  • Maximising traffic: Techniques for maximising use of Pinterest to drive targeted traffic to your website


  • Why this platform is growing so quickly
  • Why did Facebook want to buy it?
  • What are Snapchat stories?
  • How can you use it to reach influencers
  • Why is great for events, campaigning and time-critical news
  • As it is smart phone app based, how do I use it in my business?

Cost:  £45

Free for Herts Start Up Programme clients (Herts based micro businesses under 3½ years old).  Ring 01727 837760 to join.